The price of a pope

Roberto Vannacci, sometime general in the army and writer of the unpleasant tome ‘The back to front world’ (Il mondo al contrario) was parachuted into the European election by Salvini in a blatant show of populism.  Not only did it create serious problems for Salvini in the Lega party, with many Leghiste deeply unhappy at Salvini’s grab for Farage type politics,  but Vannacci went on to win half a million preferences and was by far the most voted for Lega candidate, ensuring him a seat in the European parliament. 

We now have an Euro MP who is charged with fiscal irregularities while serving in the army, as well as incitement to racial hatred, a charge which those in charge have refused to drop.   Now Vannacci has immunity while a sitting MP, we can expect more vitriol coming from his biro.  

Once of the most unpleasant moments from his campaign was his reference to the Decima Mas – a fascist squadron – which he invoked with a wink and a nod to the neo fascists voters, asking people to put the Decima (the X) on the ballot paper.   Even Mussolini loving president of the House La Russa was aghast.  He said he would never do such a thing for an election, he says.

I suspect Salvini is regretting his publicity seeking move – as Vannacci may well usurp Salvini himself who continually proves he is an embarrassment to his position. 

In other news, the G7 is bigging it up in Puglia, and much to the chagrin of most present the expected promise on the free availability of abortion has mysteriously disappeared from the timetable, at Meloni’s instigation.   Now, this may have to do with Ukraine and Gaza taking up lots of time, or it might be because The Pope is due to go today to grace the world leaders with his unelected presence.   Its hard not to suspect that the Vatican didn’t make sure there would be a quid pro quo for Francesco’s trip.   What’s galling is that Meloni – the only woman in the G7 doesn’t seem to give a toss for womens’ rights.

Author: rammers