Viminale Stoat

Is an anagram of Matteo Salvini. Fortunate that he works at the Viminale and his familiar would be a stoat. His latest outing into the media concerns the results of the Russian election – roundly denounced by all his allies, the government and the western world as being corrupt. Salvini on hte other hand, given his penchant for Putin and taking Russian money, said ‘When a people vote, they are always right’ – wildly at odds with his allies, who all came out of the woodwork and said that the centre right was a tight knit alliance and they are all in agreement with one another, but without commenting on the fatuous bollocks Salvini is prone to spew.

This gent is a General in the army: He’s called Vanacci, and is an instantly forgettable figure. He wrote a book last year, and published it privately on Kindle. It’s a sort of Main Kampf for Italy written by a particularly inept 13 year old. In his tome he tells us that an Olympic athlete, born and raised in Italy, Italian citizen who happens to be black, is not actually part of the Italian race as she doesnt have the requisites – ie be white. This is just one of his grand philosophical arguments – the other include GBLTQ , the Left, Europe, history, and current affairs. He’s factually ideosyncratic on them all, with a tik tok sense of reasoning and logic. His book got picked up by a publisher with the eye for a quick profit and has sold 1 million copies. Needless to say, Salvini is thrilled and has been courting Vanacci to stand for the Lega in the European elections this summer. It was all going so well until Vanacci threatened a second book – and got suspended from his job. Not for writing a book while a serving general and going against all the rules of public office, but for fiddling his expenses while on attachment in Moscow.

Author: rammers