Fini, Berlusconi and the state of Italy

Fini went on tv last night to defend himself against the trumped up charges that he is as bad as all the others.  I am no apologist for Fini, ex fascist, leader of teh Alleanza Nazionale and further to the right than i could ever lean, but he does have my respect.His points are that even if he had behaved badly, the house that has been the mainstay of the summer press campaign was left to the party, sold by the party and it is an entirely private affair.  There is no public money involved, no conflict of political interest and its frankly nobody’s business.What is so blatantly evident is that all the furore about this flat in monte Carlo has been the last ditch attempt by Berlusconi owned papers to sully Finis name.  For a minister of the Santa Lucia government to come out so openly on Berlusconis side is pathetic.  Even a lEga nord senator has now broken ranks and says that the flat is owned by his client – someone who has nothing to do with Fini.Berlusconi yesterday responded by saying that politics has become insults and falsity – and he has been getting quietly on with his job of being fabulous.  Insults eh? Lets just get this in perspective…..Belusconi has insulted – this year – Obama, Angela Merkel, Sarkozy, Rosa Bindi, Roberto Saviano, the earthqake survivors of Aquila, the entire jewish population of the world by dint of a Hitler joke in public, Santoro, and the entire Italian judiciary.   pots Kettles and black come to mind – but he is seemingly innured to this – and worse still the opposition makes NO capital out of these shameful utterances.   And to top it all the man is becoming blatantly senile.

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