the slippery slope

So Berlusconi (and Emilio Fede) is by his own admission a dirty old man, now teetering on the edge of paedophilia, and today has outed himself as a homophobe – and he still doesnt see that he is a pathetic laughing stock of a man who doesnt deserve to be Prime Minister.  We can only hope that this desperate attempt to ‘help’ his latest protegè, a 17 year old good time girl, does prove that he abused his position of power.  He did, by his admission until he retracted a day later, call the police and tell them that the girl Ruby was the neice of President Mubarak of Egypt.  SHe isnt, she’s the daughter of a street trader from near Taormina. Of course in Berlusconi’s closeted senile world, he can say what he likes and never be called to account.  But this time he admitted he lied, and then lied to deny the admission.  And this is the Italian PM.  Now he refuses to apologise for his private parties – him and 20 girls/prostitutes/career seeking showgirls playing ‘bunga bunga – despite the fact that he is patently a wretched pitiful old man trying to preserve his wilting manhood.  And that’s his right, until he uses his position to lie and protect his sordid games.  All grist to the mill of the ex Mrs Berlusconi, Veronica Laria – who left Berlusconi for his ‘consorting with minors’  – her ay in the divorce court is approaching and it seems unlikely her demand for 3 million a month will diminish in the light of the latest revelations.  I cant wait for Veronica to tell the truth in December, which by the by, is the date by which Berlusconi wants his immunity from prosecution passed by parliament.  Sad to say that the entire government machine has spent 2 years trying to get immunity for Berlusconi, in the fact of the Mills case, the Mondadori case, and it could all come crashing down because he a dirty old man…. there is justice perhaps!

Author: rammers

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