living on the edge

Two weeks to the confidence vote and Berlusconi promises that the rubbish of Naples will disappear ‘within 14 days’.  Elsewhere the government is bleating that Wikileaks, the reporting of the state of Pompei, and Naples rubbish amounts to a concerted campaign to make Italy look bad.  The self absorbed Mr B doesnt realise perhaps that his personal actions have sufficed until now, there is no need for any outside help.  Singlehandedly he has reduced the image of Italy abroad to a guttersnipe.The only decent tv show in Italy – Vieni via con me, on Rai 3, hosted by Roberto Saviano (of Gomorrah fame) had an excellent piece last week about euthenasia, with guests such as the father of the girl who was finally permitted to die (against the states wishes) after 20+ years in a vegetative state.  Now the pro-lifers have demanded a right to reply.  A reply to what? A story of heart breaking personal tragedy and a fight against injustice?And from the sublime…. Dolce and Gabbana are under investigation for over 1 billion euros of tax fraud.  But you have to read about it in the foreign press, because no Italian paper has decided to run the story.   HOws that for ‘advertisers running the show’?

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