The subtle diplomacy of a senile PM

So Berlusconis got trouble at t’mill – all his voters are going elsewhere and he doesnt understand it.  There are elections on Saturday and SUnday and by chance Berlo found himself at a meeting yesterday with popular people like Barack Obama.  The G8 was there to discuss footling nothings like Japan post earthquake and the Arab spring so Berlo waited for his chance.  Refusing to sit down and almost hidden by his chair he sprang like a 74 year old twat towards Obama, stopping at his official photographer on the way and outlining the framing he would like for his shot.  Collared the popular president he gave a 2 minute monologue (with interpreter summoned to help) about the dictatorship of left wing judges in Italy – all captured by the photogrpahers and filmmakers who, thanks Berlo, could read his lips.  Result; papers full of Berlo’s chat with Obama (even if the latter didnt actually respond, and all the other world leaders were sitting at table ready for a meeting and tutting).  This is the figura di merda Italy cuts in the world.  Thanks Silvio.

Author: rammers

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