Sgarbi — says it all

1305746760_vittorio-sgarbi1.jpgTry saying his name with a leer of Gollum, and the otiose nature of the man becomes clear.  Vittorio Sgarbi, art critic and politician, is also the rentagob of most tv stations.  He has perfected the art of shouting.  One word, usually something derogatory such as ‘Goat’ over and over and over again.  The pathetic tv directors dont have the wit nor gumption to just turn off his microphone and allow him to continue to insult all and sundry for as long as he wishes.This mans career seems highly suspect.  OK he did get an art history degree, but that aint the most difficult thing in the world.  Then in Politics he managed to become the head of Art and Culture in Venice of all places, where he lambasted everyone with his singular knowledge – (Vittorio as an art critic you’re shite btw),  before heading headlong in the pit of vipers known as the PDL, Berlusconis party.Here art critic, there Mayor of Salemi, a pitiful comune in Sicily with nothing at all but a fresh breeze so Sgarbi set himself against wind power, everywhere Sgarbi – a self professed womaniser, and so proud of his hair that it makes you suspect there is very little else to the man.His omnipresence, from chat shows to juror on game shows, to political pundit and man of the people,  feeds his own ego.  So much so that he is awared a prime time Vittorio Sgarbi show on Rai to allow him talk about what he wants.   It is taken off after one episode because it was CRAP.   Not, as Sgarbi says, because the Italians arent ready for culture and dont understand how intelligent and informed he is.  No, Vittorio, it was just CRAP – you were crap, the content was crap and the entire production team was also crap.  But you take the responsbility because you are overlordingly, overweeningly and genuinely CRAP.  crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap…. ad infinitum.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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