It’s not over until…

Mr Toad resigned and some people said good riddance.  Stung by their ungratefulness mr B has decided that he won’t gracefully retire but will fight on.   It is another proof that times machines and the Terminator aren’t necessaru when you have a number of TV stations and newspapers as your personal fief.  Mr Toad has only to open his mouth and history changes.  His vedeomessage of yesterday evening managed to change the entire history of the last 17 years in only 4 minutes.   None of what has happened is Mr B’s fault, he has only worked for the benefit of Italy, he loves Italy – there has been a crisis (contrary to what he has consistently said for the last 3 years), but it was all the fauly of Lehmann Bros, and had that not happened, Italy would be No 1.

Perhaps it would be more realistic to take note of Berlusconi’s meeting with Monti on Saturday where he ditched the ‘good of the country’ in favour of saving his skin – asking for safeguards on conflict of interest, his judicial processes, protection of the TV companies and so on.   It is gratifying that none was given.  Yet.

And so to Mr Monti – member of the Bilderberg Group and Goldman Sachs advisor – not the greatest of CV’s – Sachs earn vast amounts on creating the problem, and then another mountain of dosh for solving it – they really have discovered the secret of capitalism.  We wait with baited breath for the new govt policies.

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