All in a days….

Looking at my newspaper this morning – the headlines are as follows (omitting world news which is even more depressing),:

200.000 euros in bribes from FinMeccanica and Enav destined for a political party

A private hospital in Milan mired in corruption booked and paid for private jets for politicians.

The head of the  Italian MI5 has been condemned for inducing false testimony in a case where a member of the public was shot by carabinieri.

The daughter of the CEO of ENI (Italian version of BP) has been appointed head of the body – CONSOB – which is the vigilante of behaviour of companies such as ENI.

32 girls are the ‘offended parties’ of Berlusconis ‘elegantissimi’ dinners and will be called on to the witness stand in his trial.

A man who was asked by a disabled man to not park  in his disabled space, has turned himself in to police after having killed the owner of the disabled badge in Cremona, by running him over in his SUV.

And thats just this morning.   It makes you a bit depressed frankly.

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