Who are you kidding?

Three little stories that show the state of Italy:

1.  A nurse who in the last 9 years has worked a total of 6 days has finally been rumbled by her employers.   It amounts to working 1 second a day.  Fake difficult pregnancies, back trouble  and child benefit payments for 30K – she is now under house arrest.

2. A couple who declared an income to the tax man of 6 euros have 180 million hidden abroad – after selling land in Venice.  They owe over 25 million in tax.

3. Dolce and Gabbana have had their appeal for tax evasion thrown out.  They owe over 1 billion euros in tax/VAT – and are very angry.  Gabbana has tweeted – ‘The state is a thief’ – so what are Dolce and Gabbana at this point?

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