He’ll be back and the rest

Mr Toad announces formally his intention to return to front line politics – already he has lost touch with the sliver of reality that intruded after his ignominious exit from the scene last year.

Yesterday he tells us that all is not lost – Putin sees him as his big brother and they’ll have a chat about Syria.

He will change the name back to Forza Italia because it got 30% o the vote – he forgets that it had 30% because it was in an alliance with 3 other parties.  Now he isn’t.

He is a victim of justice – bunga bunga was just dancing….   He really doesn’t get that the point is that he used his position to  get Ruby out of jail saying she was the niece of Mubarak. He doesn’t see it as problem.

THen Mr Grilli – our new minister (not grill the anti politics comic) tells us that he can earn 20 billion a year selling off the country’s heritage.  Lovely.  And then what?   Once he has sold all public buildings, the beaches, coastline, paintings, sculpture – everything that makes Italy nice— what exactly is the plan?

And finally the police, after 10 years, go to take two naughty black blockers to prison.  They are definitively condemned to jail after a court case of 10 years.  Knock knock, who’s there? Or rather not.  No reply. Black Blockers having scampered having seen their sentence on the news the night before.    Ma va?

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