The Death of a Cardinal

Its not surprising that the Italian media has not reported the last interview of Cardinal Martini who died last week.  EVen teh Corriere della Sera who did the interview didnt publish it until there was a query about it.   The rest of the press has stolidly ignored it, as have all the TV news stations.  They cover instead the lines of mourners, and the Pope’s kind words about the dead man.  Its worth noting that the Cardinal said unequivocally that the church was 200 years out of date and its policies on aids, condoms, divorce and gays were completely wrong.  This was a man who could have been Pope if he hadnt been diagnosed with Parkinsons.  Instead we hahve the reinforcement of the Vatican party, which to all effects and purposes,run Italy.  Berlusconi goes obsequiously to the Vatican to prorogue all their ridiculous privileges, and a word from the Vatican weighs more than the democratic vote of 50 million Italians.

Council tax for the Church has been sidelined, because its too complicated.  600 million euros of tax evasion lost there.  The Italian govt pays for the upkeep and restoration of churches, the popes jaunts around the country and even for the trial of the Popes butler, but Vatican city is not Italy and noone is quite sure why Italy pays the expenses of another country.  Perhaps they would pay for Boris’ new airport if he asked them?

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