Dont panic don’t panic – they dont like it up’em you know.

Its all going pair shaped for Berlusconi’s PDL.  The scene of the crime is Lazio, where election expenses have disappeared.   There is so much money swilling around in the collective trough, that a large PDL treasurer has managed to put 800.000 euros in his own bank accounts over the last couple of years.  And now it seems that all the others have been shoving their snouts in there.

polverini-29-08-2012.jpgThe leader of Lazio is the fragrant Polverini – the PDL moralist – although it seems she has a photographer on salary who is paid some 70K for a photo – out of the publics money.  Bristling with indignation and the fear of being caught –  she’s threatening to quit and was summoned to Mr Toads gaff yesterday for a briefing.

Mr Toad is having a tough week – he announced (again) his probably candidature to collective groans and titters.  Now the ex exfacists, the AN, are threatening to leave the PDL as are the ex Forza Italians – so its all going mammaries up, unless the Moralist Polverini can save the day.  Berlusconi has now gathered that Alfano will win as many votes as a bucket of sick, and wants a woman to take his place – and if Polverini resigns to take over at the PDL she might avoid the nuclear winter that will descend on Lazio – of course the voters will absolve her of any blame in the disgusting spectacle in Rome and Mr B can withdraw with as much dignity as he can muster leaving the field open for Italy’s first female PM.   To be continued….

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