Formigoni cheese

formigoni.jpgIt’s all going terribly ‘forma di pera’ in Lombardy. The president of said region – Formigoni (never knowingly oversold and never seen in the same clothes twice) is mired ever deeper in the Lombardian oak.

The latest disaster to overtake il Formigoni is not of his own making.  A worthy PDL (isnt is always?) deputy has been accused of paying the Ndrangheta 200.000 euros in return for 4000 votes.   Of course the brush tars everyone and Form has jsut come through a particularly nasty case of getting lots of freebies from a criminal who was sentenced to a few years and a fine of 5 million last week – so its a bit fraught.   The Lega Nord – who claim Daz whiteness threaten Formigoni with his downfall, so Formigoni throws out the Lega deputies – and, as arrogant as ever, says ‘If I go, then Veneto and Piemonte go too’ –

So its all brewing up for a mega collapse.

In the south the comune of Reggio Calabria has been commissiariato for mafia – the mayor apparently paid people to vote for him.  He says that his removal is anti-democratic.  You have to admire their wounded wide eyed sense of injustice.

In Lazio a Italia dei Valori deputy has been accused of peculate – ie spending public money for himself.  Hand wringing and amazed wide eyed injustice.

In MOlise the expresident is accused of naughtiness – wide eyed injustice

In Sicily the ex pres Lombardo is desperately trying to get out of the mafia accusations with not such a wide eyed sense of injustice

And thats just yesterday.. Its all go.

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