good men down

So the universal party that welcomed the demise of Uncle Steptoe’s political career may have been a tad premature.   It now appears that it could well be  the parting of the ways only of Mr Toad and the PDL.     He has now ordered (here I have to say allegedly bearing in the mind the possible new law) his minions to see what the results would be of Berlusconi minus the word PDL, and vice versa.  If he can scrape above his current miserable 11% he may well be encouraged to throw his hat into the ring with a new non PDL party – which he is currently assembling as young, not criminal and mainly women.    Of course not criminal is the hardest one….

RAI yesterday treated us to a look back over the 20 years of Berlusconi – and it is very difficult to see what, if anything positive, has been his legacy.  From my point of view 20 years of B at the helm, as brought only higher taxes, more criminality, more evasion, and immunity for himself.  The only businesses to have profitted from MR Toads tenure is MEdiaset, Fininvest, mondadori, all Berlusconi companies.

His enduring legacy is his ‘Only the stupid pay taxes’ (eat that Mitt Romney), and to make false accounting legal and acceptable, thereby miraculously negating a huge court course against him.

How depressing.

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