Here we go again…

So Uncle Steptoe has been plotting in his mansion and has come up with a winning formula.  Relaunch Forza Italia and call it…. Forza Italia 2.0 – like some shitty app you wish you had never downloaded.  Anyway this stunning idea Steptoe thinks will save the world.  HE is ditching most of the PDL – and taking hand picked sycophants only.  He warns that he will be all over the internet and this will make him win.  Unfortunately the man is 76 and can’t even turn on a computer, so we await Anonymous, Hackers, Occupy etc with interest.  be ready people – #controilcav and #beatBerlo will be very much used in the near future.

The much fanfared democratic process in the centre left has taken place, largely.  Bersani is winning the primaries thus far, with Renzi in second place… its like watching Michael Foot and Tony Blair all over again.   Mr Toad is waiting to announce his new political party (see above) until he knows the result.  He is not so senile to not understand that if Renzi wins, Berlo hasnt got a hope in hell of making a comeback, but if its Bersani, then the game is on—- and Toad will win.

To save the world as we know it, please dont vote for Bersani….

Author: rammers

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