The missing Ruby

Dr Death, alias Ghedini, Berlusconi’s lawyer was in court yesterday, producing all his witnesses who say that Berlusconi’s evenings are high culture with nothing remotely sordid going on. 1st on the list of witnesses was Ruby herself, the young lady who Berlusconi thought was the niece of President Mubarak and more than 17 years old.  Except that she wasnt there… The prosecution got slightly angry and said that Silvio was trying to delay the trial – (could it possibly be so?), and that Rubby must appear on Dec 17.

Today, surprise, Ruby calls up saying she’s in Mexico on holiday and wont be back till January.  It’s almost as though someone tipped her off, paid her airfare and sent her on her way.

Now in any other country, she would be arrested for contempt – here not – just a rollocking for taking the p(&$ out of the courts.  Meanwhile Mr Toad and Lurch carry on perverting the course of justice.

Author: rammers

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