you couldn’t make this up…

Its down to the wire. Nick O’mericano – or Cosentino as he is called is the ‘camorra front man’ of Campania, and has had his arrest quashed twice by parliament, and is indicted of favouring the Camorra to the extent of ‘being their representative in Campania’ The PDL dont want him as a candidate. He refuses to back down and has threatened today that if he is not a candidate he will go to jail and ruin all of the PDL. He will tell his men not to vote and the PDL will lose. 
Alfano is showing a bit courage and has said its him or me.
Berlo is in a fix, and the final list of candidates must be presented by 8pm this evening.
Now to cap it all, it seems that O’mericano has done a runner with the official list and now they are all running round like headless chickens trying to get all the signatures necessary in the next 3 hours. You couldnt make it up.

Author: rammers

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