The Day After Tomorrow

So there we have it, the usual mix of wholly unsuitable allies and a country that wont be governable.  30% to the left, 30% to the right, 10 to the middle and 25% to the 5 Stelle ‘chuck’em in the ocean’ party.   That means casualties – and Silvio will be thrilled that Fini, his bete noir, doesnt make it to parliament.  Nor does as predicted Antonio di Pietro, and nor for the sake of democracy does the ex president of Sicily Lombardo.

The leader of the UDC, Casini, only gets in because he was nominated as senator in 6 regions – so one needed to get to 4%.  He scraped it.

But the big news is not only the comeback of DOM Steptoe, who will be even more arrogant and sure of himself – that it until all his trials come to sentence in three weeks.   Grillo is now the largest single party in parliament with at least 25% of the vote, 35% in Sicily and in my commune 40% – which whether you agree with him or not is an astounding result for a party’s second election.

The doomsayers are predicting the end of the 2nd republic.  I predict, as before, the attempt to form a government which will last 6 months, and then Renzi at the head of the PD who will walk it next time round.  BErlusconi will rant and rave, but perhaps physically probably wont be up to another election, and anyway might be forbidden from standing if his trials go badly.

Eyes down for the next chapter of fiddling while Rome burns..

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