It just gets worse

SO Calderoli has apologised.  Very half heartedly.   It was, he says, an aesthetic judgement.  (WHich is now sexist too).   Maroni, the leader of the Lega and president of Lombardy says the case is closed.   The President of the Republic – Napolitano – deplores the ‘barbarianism’ of these people and the LEga attack him – ‘Shut it Napolitano’ screams one of the more goose stepping Lega ministers – and Letta (the PM) tries to be firm and decisive insisting that it all stop now.

Maroni wont scold his members, and it simmers on.

YEsterday the support for Calderoli – ‘The Orangutan isnt an AFrican animal’ helpfully explains another Lega turd.  Maroni says nothing. Letta hopes it will all go away.

And so it goes on.  And bizarrely under Italian law, you cannot sack a VP of the Senate, it must be voluntary, which harks back to the sort of ridiculous law Mussolini would have brought in with Socialist votes in the 20’s.

And in the midst of all this there is the Kazakstan problem,  of which more tomorrow.  … But elections in October, Italy at a standstill for a full 18 months – its looking more likely.

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