The day the world changed

Hard to believe but the big news from San Remo was that a lady guest wore a black dress that was a tiny bit see thru, and another had high heels.   If that doesn’t make you choke on your cappuccino, what will?  We endured anohter 4 and a half hours of live tv to learn this and that if a music competition is failing badly, you can always get in a magician to saw one of the presenters in half.   MUsically the theme was duets – but with dead people.  Classy.  And it all died its own hideous death at 1am.  Tonight is the last night, when we will discover which of the appalling ditties is judged to be condemned for all time as a San Remo winner.  Cant wait.

In the interim, Renzi went off to the Presidents house and announced his all new cabinet.  Astute move by Matteo, they’re all completely unknown, allowing Renzi to be the star of the show.  50% female, teh median age of the government is now under 50, (it probably would have been under 40 if he hadnt got methuselah as Chancellor of the Exchequer).  So now they will be all sworn in, and then sit on their hands for some considerable time while Matteo tries to rule the ungovernable.

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