Fans being hit

Silvio went to see the President yesterday – superficially to discuss reform, but he actually wanted a bit of help from Napoitano to get off the hook.  His sentence is due on the 10th, and he wants a pardon, and now he will lick anything and anyone to get it.   So desperate is he, that Barbara his daughter has retracted her ruling out of standing for the European elections, and now issues a huffy No Comment.   In the meantime, Silvio is becoming a ‘animalista’ designing laws to protect doggies.   THe main opposition parties are drafting legsislation on a referendum to leave the euro, and a huge empliyment law which will reduce unemployment by 5% in 2 years.  Silvio is planning a wide sweeping reform of Dog barbers.  And who said he was out of ideas?

Matteo went to London, where he spent a long cosy dinner with Tozza Blair.  Then he met Mandelson and Miliband.  And all the rest of the New Labour hierarchy from 97.  Do not let it be said that Matteo does not see himself as a new Tony Blair – he is going for the carbon copy – and at  the moment is doing well – we are in the pre 97 glow – where Silvio could be the Michael Portillo of the elections.  Let’s just hope we dont arrive at the WMD moment before he has actually implemented some changes.

Renzis reform of the senate is hitting the rocks, because we are told the civil servants dont want it.   Now if you’re reading – a hit show called Si Primo Ministro, might go down a bomb here – because Italians dont think that Nigel Hawthorne characters exist – they live in a simple world where a politician makes a promise, drafts a law and then doesnt implement it.  Perhaps its time we found an Italian Paul Eddington…

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