Its not quite CSI

An ugly week even without politics.   There was the shooting of a fan at the football final on Saturday by an unknown hand.  He is in intensive care, and a copper was shot in the hand apparently.  Noone knows whether there was one gun or two and whose finger was on the trigger.  In the stadium there was a bit of tension, some people thought it was the police ‘what done it’ and were naturally edgy.

So the game was delayed until the self appointed head of the Napoli fans held talks with teh organisers and allowed the game to proceed.  This bloke is the son of a well known Camorra boss — he was wearing a tshirt asking for the liberation of the footballfans who bludgeoned a copper to death in Catania 6 years ago.  He’s not terribly nice, but has more influence in football than the professionals, and what’s worse, is allowed to wield it.   Unfortunately none of the clubs will openly say that they dont want this type of fan, and so for an outsider its like watching the Uk football scene in the 80’s.  And apart from an ASBO the government seem impotent.

In FLorence, a prostitute was found dead and tied to a gate.  Much hand wringing by the forces of law and order, and mutterings of a serial killer.  Apparently there have been similar modus operandi over the last years, and one victim who didnt die and issued a decent account to the police.  They discovered yesterday that the same persons DNA links 4 of the crimes.   Now on CSI they solve the crime in less than a day, it all depends whether they want an atmospheric day for night shoot, and if they have enough batteries in their torches.  Here it takes 5 years to connect a basic dot to dot design, especially given that all the crimes have been in the same area.   I know Italy goes in for long running tv shows but this is stretching it a bit.  Can someone call Grissom?

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