The plots thicken

Silvio is furious, disgusted, let down and even more furious.  Some American penpusher has written his autobiography about his days in the White House and let slip that there was a request from Europe to make Silvio fall from grace.   Obama didnt want to know apparently, but Silvio did resign under duress on 11/11/2011 (the armistice between Italy and Silvio).  NOw with elections just 2 weeks away, its good hustings stuff for Silvio to bleat on about being public enemy number one.   He’s also very hacked off with Renzi who hasnt supported him in his conspiracy theory, so is threatening vendetta.  What has got to get through that crocodile thick skin of Silvio, is that he just doesnt matter any more.  Apparently he was furious the he didnt make the front page – well, Silvio the news is that you will be on the front page very soon, as nearly all your mates are being arrested for mafia association.   Dell’Utri who is currently in Beirut, is only the biggest name thus far but Mr Scajola- an exminister who was arrested just a couple of days ago, is promising to bring home the bacon.

And then there’s the expo bribes, which Silvio distances himself from immediatley ‘Forza Italia has nothing to do with it’.  Maybe not FI, baby, but seeing as the big movers and shakers were regulars at Silvio’s gaffe for dinner till a month or so ago, I wouldnt be too sure.  Of course Berlusoni’s version of the tuth has always been somewhat suspect, but this time he could find himself and DuDu in deepest doodoo.

Author: rammers

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