Italian justice

The ongoing tragedy of the Italian justice system is again highlighted by the case of Stefano Cucchi.   Cucchi was arrented in 2009 for possession of drugs, (hashish amd cocaine) and while waiting for his court appearance was subjected to a violent beating in police cells which resulted in his being transferred belatedly to hospital, where he was left to die of his injuries, dehydrated and starved.

The family, who have only ever wanted to know the truth, had a first sentence of culpability of doctors for negligence.  Yesterday all the ‘guiulty’ were absolved for lack of proof.

We now have a young man who was beaten horrifically while in police custody and left to die in a state run health centre, and yet nobody, according to the law, is guilty.  Most worryingly, the police union issued a statement saying that  ‘people who abuse themselves and live dissolute lilves,  should pay the consequences’.

It seems that the police force is out of control, the judiciary incapable of doing their job, and the government willingly turns the other cheek.  Now the whole case goes to the final court of appeal, in the hope that jsutice prevails.


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