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matteo_renziI think Matteo’s getting a bit jealous of all the attention that the Pope’s been getting.  Poor Renzi announces a new law, with a slideshow, and then nothing – it never gets passed or signed, but does occupy the papers for 2 days with articels about the all the money he is about to lavish on the poor and disadvantaged.

A couple of weeks ago we had a big slideshow about how Calabria, the Terra del Fuoco and the disadvantaged south were tohave money immediately.  The slides were lovely.  Then nothing.

Two days ago, the latest wheeze was announced.  In the light of Paris nd the need for counter terrorism measures, public spending on security will go up by 1 billion.  To counter this, and to help the cultural identity of Italy – Renzi is going to give anyone who has an 18 btirthday next year,  500 euros to spend on culture.  This culture can be music, concerts, theatre, or film – so will be a huge boost for the American film industry and Simon Cowell.  Now Matties all upset because ppeople have said he’s buying the voters…. now how could that be?

This 500 euros is in addition the 500 euros given to each teacher to spend on their personal programme of cultural updating – read – cinema, sky or netflix contracts, theatre and concerts.  All the teachers will be learning to impart the Italian cultural significance of The Walking Dead which is comforting.

So Mattie’s cant understand why we think he’s turning into the classic Christian Democrat – great at talking, but not so hot at doing much – its the legacy of Tony Blair and  Matteo has unfortunately chosen all the worst bits to copy.  If he wanted to come out and stand up for what he believes in he could say that Italy will not pay the fine from Europe which they have received for totally ignoring the law on civil unions.  He could pass the law – obviously with a nice slideshow – and it would be fixed, but teh Vatican wouldnt like that.   He could stop the law which gives the Vatican 8 cents of every euro in tax paid but which doesnt come iinto overseas aid.  He could make the Church pay tax on its buildings nad businesses – but he wont do that at the risk of missing a photo op with the Pope.    instead he is quite happy for two journalists to be tried in the Vatican for receiving stolen goods.   Tow Italian journalists, who were given copies of documents which detail the illegal activities inside the Vatican, who are now being offered up for trial in vatican City – a different sovereign state, – to placate the mock outrage of the purple ones.    500 euros is one thing, but a Pm with a spine would be nicer.

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