20 days and counting

We’re coming up to three weeks since the election, and it’s all still a mess.  THere have been approaches, rebuffs and silences, and we are still no wiser as to whether the election result will actually give us a government.  Today is the day when the newly elected mp’s vote for the president of the Senate and the house of Deputies.  The jobs are important as they decide what goes on the list of house business, so the M5S wants the presidency of the ‘Commons’  while ceding the Senate to the Lega.   Its not good enough for Don Silvio who wants to be in on the action and has proposed Romano – one of his own as president of the senate.  The PD aren’t playing publicly, but no doubt there are notes winging their way up and down the corridors of power.   This morning we learned that all bets are off.  The M5S have stated publicly that wont permit a president of the house to be a criminal – and therefore Berlo’s choice isnt allowed, seeing that Romano has a bit of judicial shit to sort out.  Berlo invites Di Maio for talks – the 5Stars dont return his call – they have no intention of being drawn into one of Silvio’s convoluted pacts.  So the ancient one is threatening to get his candidate elected by spoiling the first three ballots.   It wont play out well.  We are still no nearer getting an actual government, or a list of legislation.   Which all plays into the hands of the PD and Silvio – who can work on a secret agreement that ruined their chances at the ballot box.   Anything is possible to keep the M5S out of the seat of power, where they threaten untold damage.  Damage such as cancelling the huge pension contributions for MP’s, not allowing convicted felons to represent the country,  not alllowing prime ministers to own all the means of communication. etc.  You get the idea – a huge threat to the bigwigs of the last 30 years.   There are howls that the behaviour of theMS is antidemocratic – which fail to take into account that the Italians state is one of the failed democracies, based as it is on the Vatican’s idea of democracy.

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