Camera Oscura


This is the new president of the Camera/Congress/Commons in Italy.   It is Lorenzo Fontana,  already mentioned in this blog when he was Minister of the Family.  He hasnt changed since then – so we now have the third position of state occupied by a vehement anti abortionist, anti feminist, homophobic turd who claims to say the rosary 50 times a day.

He also, like Salvini his boss, is seen here proudly wearing his No Sanctions against Russia T shirt,  and his last big action in parliament was to move for the abrogation of the Mancini law which makes it a crime to promote slogans etc of  Nazism/Facism.  His reasoning was that is used by globalists to mask their anti Italianism.   He also is against all immigration as it could dilute the Italian race.

Interestingly, in the wider scheme of things, 17 members of the right wing coalition didnt vote for him, and the centre and left held up banners decrying his anti LGBTQ and pro life stance.   In two days the right wing coalition has shown to be pretty fractured.  Yesterday Berlusconi was filmed in an exchange with the Hyena La Russa (new president of the senate) where he told him to F.Off, and then his party didnt vote for him.    Berlusconi also allowed his notes to be filmed, where he had written that Meloni was  arrogant, rude, egotistical and patronising.    He is obviously a bit annoyed that he is reduced to being a bit part player.

Almost more interesting is that La Russa got a handful of votes from unknown sources which helped him win the vote on the first count.  Nobody is claiming responsibility for this ‘treason’, and there is lots of finger pointing going on.   Berlusconi and his party didnt vote for La Russa, and he said openly that it was the shapeshifter Matteo Renzi who would have voted in favour.  Renzi, predictably, denied it without actually denying it.

Two days in and Italy’s new government has a touch of the Trusses about it.

Author: rammers