Bye bye Berlo

Silvio’s had a busy week. Trying to undermine la Meloni seems to be a full time job. Not content with writing pithy insults last week, which could be picked up by the cameras in Parliament, this week he has resorted to his usual tricks of saying things which he then denies. Thus far we have had him saying that Meloni has accepted his nominations for the cabinet, (denied) slagged off the Ukrainian president, (taken out of context), reaffirmed Putin as his best mate and detailed the 20 bottles of vodka received for his birthday and said that Vlad ‘is a man of peace’.
Being a bit senile and/or of an age when this is surely his last shout, Silvio has decided to say what he likes, and is proving to be a complete liability for the centre right coalition. His antics are doing little except raise a tiny bit of sympathy for Meloni.  His ex colleagues say quite openly that he is trying to kneecap Giorgia Meloni and maintain a bit of influence, but he is blissfully unaware that his star has waned.   In the meantime there are lots of photo ops for Silvio and Martina Fascina – who should be on Drag Race and not in parliament.
Its Meloni’s big day today as she should be confirmed PM, and she didnt want Silvio to go to the President with her, knowing probably that he would say something untoward and try and steal her thunder. She’s tried to issue a joint statement instead, but I wouldnt put it past Berlo to rush the guards and jump up on the stage to have the last word….
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Author: rammers