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So, the bearded wunderkid Piersilvio Berlusconi has announced the Channel 5 autumn season, promising innovation and quality.  So to trumpet the innovative status of Channel 5 here are the new series.Big Brother 11, I Cesaroni 4, Peter Pan 2, Amici 5, C’è Posta Per Te – who knows but the umpteenth, in fact there is not one new show on the channel .  New shows are reserved along with football for Mediaset premium the pay terrestrial digital service.And so on to quality – if the above list doesnt exemplify all that is terrible about Italian tv let me enlighten you as to the questionable virtues of Ciao Darwin – this vile programme is hosted by Paolo Bonolis – one of the very few talented, funny and intelligent tv hosts – also the highest paid – why he is wasting his life presenting this dross is beyond me.   Imagine a show worthy of ITV in 1973 – sexist, racist, homophobic, fattist, all the ists in one 3 hour megacaccata.  Thats Ciao Darwin.  Two teams, lets say fat versus thin, or – heres a funny one – Italians versus immigrants, who compete to see who is the best.  The culmination of this crap is a parade of women in their underwear being ogled, hooted and whistled and voted for by the exclusively male audience.   It is tv filth.This is the bar to which Mediasat kwingly aspires, and it even fails to surmount the lowest tv standard in the developed world.  Well done Berlusconi, you’ve done it again… keep the masses quiet offering them shit.

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