I think someone with pots of money should take Berlusconi to court on the basis that TG4 – the flagship news programme with Emilio (Fido) Fede should not bear the title of TeleGiornale.  It isn’t a news programme, but an hour of Fede’s opinions on news events.  Yesterday we had Fido telling us about Roberto Saviano – the writer of Gomorra – who had protested with other journalists in Rome about the new gagging law proposed by the PDL.  Fido told us that a new planned demonstration wont be like that of Piazza navona – which wasnt even a demonstration but just insults – and THAT man Saviano who told lies about Berlusconi.   I dont think the Beeb would allow such partiality on the 6 oclock news.   So roll up roll up – someone take TG4 to court for masquerading as a serious news programme….

Author: rammers

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