Sue the state

So Berlusconi is ready to sue the state – it is like Communist East Germany he says, and then admits, ‘I’m a sinner’ – as if we didnt know.  Italy has now been without an effective government since last June.  With the request for immediate justice by the prosecuting magistrates we now have a further flurry of time wasting and diversive tactics.  Berlusconi is going to appeal to the European court of Human Rights,  for the invasion of his privacy – all this via his Foreign Secretary who now seems to be working exclusively for Mr B.  Strange, that with all the MiddleEast business, the foreign office is concerned exclusively with the violation of privacy of one person.  Ghedini MP for the Veneto and Berlusconis lawyer, works exclusively on his legal problems.  Pity the poor voters of Venice who have an absent MP, and for me this is a greater abuse of office than springing Ruby from the clutches of the ‘sbirri’.  And so we go on.  In another diversionary tactic the foreign minister drags up the house in Monte Carlo against Fini, the story of last summer – now resurrected to show that only Silvio has it bad, because the judges have decided that Fini has no case to answer.  Hardly susprising as no crime was committed.Which brings us to the ‘neice of Mubarak’ – and look at the trouble she’s made for her uncle.  –  Berlusconi calls at midnight from Paris to spring the neice of Mubarak from the cops – entrusts her to a dental hygienist who leaves her on the pavement with a BRazilian prostitute after an hour or so.  This is, according to Berlusconi yesterday, to avoid an international diplomatic incident’.   The case rests on whether Berlusconi abused his office when he lied to the cops.  The answer is a patent yes – this is a girl who had already been to his private villa 10 times or more, slept over, and had been given lavish presents, and money.  Mr B says he didnt know that she was a minor, but when he called the on duty officer he asked that the under 18 year old be ‘entrusted’ to his staff – which an adult wouldnt be.  Only children are entrusted under the law.  He says it was a figure of speech.  Like his jokes – His missstatements, his missayings, and his unsayings make the Clintons look like masters of English grammar.   So now we are here – still no government, other than a new attempt to introduce a law by his acolytes  granting the PM total immunity.  Which  means that nothing has been done for Italy in six months.  I tell a lie – they instituted a national holiday for MArch 17 to celebrate 150 of Italian Unity and now they want to cancel it- We can celebrate but we must work, but no doubt Ghedini wont be having the day off ..

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