Now this is just getting embarrassing

So, Berlusconi’s latest ploy is to change the law to ‘regive’ himself immunity and avoid the trials he has.  How he can be quite so blatant is beyond me, there is not an ounce of grace, tactics, or political knowhow, or above all -self respect in that man.  ANd the worst of it all is that nobody raises their voice, or gets worked up.  Perhaps ITaly is just too jaded by politics.  Afterall it is now 70 years since the Republic started and along with the horse trading and selling of votes and power.  By now we are all too used to it – and Berlusconi takes full advantage of the fact.  The saddest thing of all is that I am beginning to understnad why people resort to more extreme measures than the ballot box  in the face of such apathy and hypocrisy.    Its time for Italians to fills the squares and demand the resignation of the govt.  Unfortuantely there is noone to replace him – and that is the real tragedy.

Author: rammers

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