The Brief Case

Or the ‘processo breve’ which is a law the Berlusconiani are trying to shove through parliament.  It has taken thus far 8 months – taking up nearly all parliamentary time and now we are in the final stretch.  For the right the processo breve is a logical step to unblock the judicial system which is in a state of paralysis with over a million cases waiting to be heard.  The majority of these reach the time limits and are archived without ever having  a verdict.  For the left it is a law ‘ad personam’ to save Berlusconis wretched saggy old skin.Last night in parliament Alfano, the brown tongued law minister and hopeful successor to Berlo,  told us that the processo breve was so insignificant that they should pass it – it will affect only 0.02% of cases he said, while prescription affect 5% a year.  SO the law is a good thing.

Except that …. a law which allows previously unindicted OAPs to get off scot free is not so popular in Italy.  Its almost as if it could have been written to get Berlusconi out of the Mills case, and the Mediatrade case, and RUby gate – He is after all over 65 and as yet not indicted for any crime – at least not in ITaly.    
Perhaps if the draft of the Processo Breve allowed previously unindicted OAPs who are very rich, senile paedophiles to get off the legal hook it would have had more success.  Who says the law is equal for everyone.

In the meantime Berlo went to court, insulted the judges and held a hustings on the street outside. He says he gave Ruby 45000 euros to stop her becoming a prostitute. How lovely… its like shop keepers in Palermo giving men in suits 1000 euros a month to stop their shops burning down. Very public spirited. This 45 grand was to buy laser equipment for a ‘wellness’ centre, that Ruby wanted to open up, despite having no qualifications and an apparent allergy to work. ANd of course that Berlo tried to avert a diplomatic incident by calling the cops for a 17 year hooker to be released…. So we can now be categoric and tell the whole truth, as Berlo does regularly, (before he changes it). Berlo has never had a hair transplant, has never been unfaithful to any of his wives, is simply a lovely generous man, has never evaded a penny of tax, has never used his position to further his private affairs such as selling Mediaset programmes to Russia last year when Putin came to stay, and is an all round cuddly teddybear of a third world leader… Hurrah for truth and justice.

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