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The Popes written a book you know… It’s a history of a little known world where facts become different facts when talked about by a man in silly hat.   The Fall of the Roman Empire and collapse of civilisation was not caused by Barbarian invasions, threats and continued wars and weakening of a fragile economy, nor by the empire based in Constantinople not giving three hoots about the Rome.  Nor was it caused by the early Popes spending more time talking about whether Jesus and God are one and the same or whether they are the same but are not one – an argument which would be fine if the early Romans had had Twitter, but bear in mind that these weighty philosophical arguments were discussed by parchment, monks in disguise, muddy roads and an ecumenical council once every 10 years.   Tenterhooks – you bet.   No, the fall of the Roman Empire was down to lax morals.  Thank you Papa Ratz.Now, there’s a man who not only reads and believes what Papa Rat says, but embellishes it.  He’s an important man, so the TV and papers report what he says.  THis is what he says.  Rome fell because they were too many gay people.  Multiculturism is merely encouraging the rise of Islam.  THe Japanese earthquake was Gods punishment.  Hermaphroditism is unnatural (bit of a contradiction in terms here) , and is a result of too much gayness.    Believing in Darwin is the devils work and makes you a Christianphobe.   All well and good if you are the pastor of a shitty church in ALabama with nothing better to do that try and write your name neatly.  The problem we have is that this man is a university professor and the VP of THe CNR – The National Council for Research in Science and the Humanities.    Boom boom.  He wont resign.I thank you all.  Bows and takes leave.

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