Rich senile and criminal?

Mr B has filled up his apointment book for Tuesday so now will be off to Brussels at short notice instead of talking to the magistrates about a suppposed blackmail plot.  He doesnt want to talk about this case to anyone.  The lead magistrate is an Englishman – Woodcock, who is a thorn in the side of many here, but knows how to create waves.  We have a man called Tarantino who was ‘given’ 500.000 euros by Berlo because he was poor.  He introduced lots to ladies to Mr B, and could have spilled the beans – therefore blackmail?   Mr B says he was helping a man in poverty – but as the offended party wont talk to the prosecuting council.

The budget is, according to Mr Toad, a miracle.  Im not quite sure about his definition of a miracle.   Could it be that 5 budgets in 3 weeks is a miracle?  Or perhaps that for 3 months they have said they would never raise VAT.  Indeed Tremonti used the words – over my dead body – and then, miraculously – Tremonti is still alive and VAT is going up-  Perhaps its because the budget does absolutely nothing.   The much hyped cuts to politics have been rejigged to never cut anything and we are fundamentally where we were two months ago.  And the biggest miracle of all is that Mr Toad assumes it will be passed by the Commons –

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