An emergency budget that doesnt budge.

its a miracle…. Mr Toad has reached agreement with his croies forthe latest of his emergency budgets.  This one is to raise 45 billion, and he has managed to do it without actually raising any money.   No increase on IVA, no supertax (which will make the footballers happy), more money for the comunes, no abolition of the provinces.  There is a plan (very very long term) to get rid of some MPs but because it changes the constitution it has to go through parliament twice and its virtually impossible to do it before the next election, so it becomes a promise not kept – just like the rest of TOads empty promises.   We have a law to be drafted to stop the very rich opening companies just to buy houses, and thats it.  I reckon we’ll have another emergecy emergency budget before Xmas at this rate.  You cant go round balancing non existent budgets and claim monetary prudence.  That is the politics of a senile old goat —- ah, I see.

Author: rammers

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