Standard But Poor

So Italy is downgraded to an ‘A’ – and Mr Toad blames the media – forgetting that he owns most of it.   He cant understand why others dont think as he does – but then forgets that he is a senile autocratic petty criminal.   S&P downgraded Italy on the basis of the negative outlook of the repayment of the public debt – 1900+ billion – and no political security and growth.    Well, the debt is growing at 20 billion a month, political security is a wafer thin majority and a PM who is PM in ‘my spare time’.  Growth – aye there’s the rub – none.  zilch, nudda.   The government splutter outraged that they are studying some things for putting some zing into the economy but they’re not quite ready.  But on the basis that someone has had an idea, S&P should immediately restore Italy to triple A seems a bit hopeful.   The market wants facts and Mr Toad gives us words – million of intercepted words which show he is incapable of most things, other than it would seem, the most basic human drives.   He now says there is an Anglophone plot against him – perhaps he is reading this blog.

Author: rammers

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