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Mr Toad: ‘The budget has saved Italy’.  From what exactly?  Not only – we are told – is he the saviour of the Italian world, but it is the most socially balanced and fair budget that was possible – because only the rich pay extra.  Interesting.  1% on VAT will only be paid by the big earners – you must produce proof of poverty when buying your cigarettes and books?  Berlo’s slogan has always been to not ‘put his hands in the peoples pockets’ – and he repeats himself again.   In the great tradition of Mrs T, indirect taxes obviously dont count – the people are too stupid to put2 and 2 together.

On a lighter note Mr TOad has anointed his successor – Mr Alfano, a strangely reptilian creature whose descent into anonymity is now assured.  As soon as Mr Toad goes, the party will implode and Alfano will surely bear the brunt of being the chosen one.

The Demoncratic Party isnt even waiting for Berlo to go before they are torn apart by internal strife. There is a jockeying for position that makes the Blair Brown race seem a stroll by a lake.  Bersani is in trouble cos his mate has been done for taking vast bribes.  Theres all the other usual suspects and coming up on the outside at fair old lick is the mayor of Florence, Renzi who is ‘new’ left wing politics and will go far – and as is the current prerequisite for all politicians has a speech impediment – perhaps its to make them more normal – but Matteo Renzi has an oversized tongue, which in politics is no bad thing.

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