It is a woman – it is not a contestant from american’s next drag queen, and it is called Daniela Satanche – where it comes from nobody seems to know, it sprang fully formed into the exfascist party in the mid 90’s.  Being a loggerheads with Berlusconi in the years of Forza Italia it memorably said that Berlusconi only recognised a woman when she was horizontal.  With the birth of the Pdl all differences were forgotten and she was welcomed (perhaps with a golden handshake) into the world of Mr Toad where she effortlessly became an undersecretary and the most staunch defender of the the Man himself.   At least in public.  Miss Piggy has a gob on her – well, lets be clear – she is a fishwife.  Not even the dulcet tones of fishwife, you have to imagine Hilda Ogden in full flow against Stan and mix it with the worst stridency of Mrs Thatch – only then will you get an inkling of the horror of hearing this womans voice.  (Note to Silvio: You must give all your politicians, female newsreaders and presenters, voice lessons – with one exception you have an armyof shrill, whining voices)

Even with a tool of such dubious power La Santanche doesn’t seem to know when to shut up – myriad are the phone calls where she slags off all and sundry and happily gives the finger on tv to anyone who questions her ridiculous opinions.   And here is the rub and nub.  This is a woman who is remarkably, incredibly, THICK – it is doubtful that such a crassly stupid person could even fill in the requisite forms to stand for election in  another country.  Here she is undersecretary for fawning uncontrollably over the near corpse of Mr Toad.  Exwife of a plastic surgeon, degree in political science, ‘misclaimed’ her masters degree instead of saying she’d been on a course,  she has tried to rip the burqua off the face of protesting muslin women, accused the prophet mohamed of being a paedophile and poligamist – and declares an income of 270.000 euros before her parliamentary wages.   The perfect Berlusconian mp.   

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