It is this perhaps which is the greatest joke perpretated on the Italians.  In the last few years, it is ever more obvious that what the Italians are repeated told is a democracy is in fact an oligarchy which is now teetering ever more dangerously towards a type of dictatorship – that bought by the rich and powerful.  Yesterday Mr Toad returned to his favourite theme: there are communists everywhere out to get me.  Past its use by date this particular ruse – but nicely masks the draft of his new law on phone interceptions.   Anybody who complains about something in print regarding them (ie newspapers, magazines, blog, the web) has the right to have it removed within 48 hours on the pain of a 12000 euro fine.     Proof – not needed.   Thats  Berlusconian democracy.  

 The Italians are signing a petition for a referendum this weekend – they want to cancel the last law on electoral reform, which in common parlance is called the pig’s ear – and not without good reason.  This law demolished the final principle of democracy – ie you vote for your representatives.  It is a law which allowed Party Leaders to parachute their candidates straight into parliament from a closed list – unvoted, untested and unchosen – hence the arrival of Nicole MInetti the ex dental hygienist and alleged organiser of Bunga Bunga, straight into parliament within a year of Mr B being smashed in the face with a model of Milan cathedral – another example of the influence of the church in Italian politics.

 The idea of this referendum is to restore the voters of a place the power to have some choice over their representative in parliament.  The right doesn’t like this, nor does the left – both of which have used the law to its full to fill the benches with spineless yes men who will never question the party leaders line.  Now of course, seeing that a referendum will have to be held, the right and left are battling to show that they too want electoral reform but a newer, better version which will probably take 5 years to agree, and another 5 to get through parliament.   It seems that in Italy at the moment the only politics that does something definite is the popular referendum – the rest of it is hopeless posturing in the face of disaster.

So, despite the news plastered everywhere and even the sonorous tones of Anna Wintour giving her decision on Italians and Berlusconi, the Italians remain hopelessly apathetic in the face of the latest revelations.  The problem is mainly that they dont believe anything they read of hear – years of experience has taught them that, and Silvio’s repeated bleatings of ‘Ive done nothing to be ashamed of’ are in a certain way allowable.  For instance – in the UK a PM who flies his whores around the country on Airforce 1 at the tax payers expense wouldnt last long.  Here its fine.  WHy? Well, because 3 years ago Berlusconi passed a little law allowing him to fly who he likes whereveer he likes  at our expense.  And the Itlaians did nothing, (probably becauser they didnt believe it) and so its the italians fault.  As logic you cant beat it.

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