Not a good day for Berlusconi yesterday.  He was meant to be in court in the Mills/Mediaset case, but didnt turn up.  He hadnt actually told then he wouldnt be going, and therefore the judges got a bit peeved.

In the Tarantino blackmail case, instead of Mr B being the injured party, it now seems that he paid Tarantino to lie to the judges.  As you can imagine the mouths of all Italians hang open in disbelief.

The mouthpiece of the Vatican – Cardinal Bagnasco – gave a homily yesterday which didnt require much faith to get the gist of – and which basically said that Berlusconi was a filthy old man and an embarassment to the state.    (Needless to say, an ancient excardinal in Tuscany had a rant about how lovely Mr Toad is, and jews, muslims and gays are the real sinners – dontchaluvthevatican.

The smallest minister (with the most miniscule brain) decided it would be good for Italy to get rid of the antimafia legislation required to bid for public works.   He told the press he was going to simplify things – presumably just for the mafia, – and then was immediately slapped down by the home office who announced they had no intention of doing any such thing.

To cap it all – Channel 5 (Berlo’s flagship tv crap channel) was going to start Baila last night – a rip off of Strictly come Dancing which already shows on Rai 1 uner the title of ‘Dancing with the Stars’-  the BBC and Rai have both slapped a writ on Mediaset for plagiarism  – and the judges banned the transmission of the programme.  Not to be outdone, and to show respect for the law, Channel 5 went ahead with ep 1, live of the show.  Hopefully the fines will be commensurate with the new decree on interception.  If I write something in this blog and someone says, ‘Aww Thats not fair’ – I have 48 hours to take it off or face a fine of up to 12000 euros.  Baila was pasted on our screens for 3 hours last night, which should make it a fine of at least a few hundred million for Berlusconi.

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