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Matteo Renzi – there’s a name for the future.  Hark back to the heady days of New Labour pre 97, the days when in the death throes of John Major’s, Duncan Smiths and Hagues caring Britain, Tony Blair seemed like a breath of fresh air – someone who could really change the sorry state of the country.   Now in Italy we have the final convulsions of Berlusconis senile dictatorship, and the stagnant politics of the Partito Democratico.  Into all of this Matteo Renzi is proposing a new politics, a New PD – with justice for all, the removal of the old classe dirigente and an end to the gerontocracy that has prevailed for so long.  This young whippersnapper – he’s only 36 – will, I am willing to bet, be PM in 10 years.  All that remains to be seen is if he goes down the vainglorious path so well trodden by Mr Blair.  For Italy’s sake, I hope not.

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