Under the beds again

To drag Italy kicking and screaming into the modern age, the EU is politely insisting that there is a reform of the labour laws, ostensibly allowing companies to sack their employees.  Its not that simple, but the essence of the difference between contracts for a determined time and a undetermined time is the great dream of all Italains – a contratto indeterminato – which brings with it the virtual impossibility of being laid off – is the holy grail for all parents.

Anyway, there’s probably going to be a general strike, and there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth – and to cap it all, the government yesterday warned, with its responsible and serious hat on, that it could bring back political violence = terrorism.  Read between the lines further and the government is saying that the commies will not be happy and kills us all in our beds…. Of course my problem with this is the the political violence of the last 20 years is all just a little too convenient – not that its pardonable or condoned in any way, but it just takes Berlusconi or an acolyte to threaten it and someone conveniently comes along and takes someone out.   Now far be it from me to become a king of dietrologia and suggest that perhaps the state sponsors its own terrorism to consolidate its position,  but as we are nearing an election it is only a matter of time before Mr Toad jumps on his soap box and starts warning of the red menace which is threatening his centre right paradise…

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