What comes around…..

Remember that strange day back in  the last century when the Tories, having turned on the charismatic (and barking) Mrs T, elected the grey man Major to lead them into their decline and fall.  Watching Mr Toad slowly descend into the tenebre and the grey image of Angelino Alfano take his place brought it all flooding back.

Alfano is the anointed – unfortunately he resembles something from V ALien Invasion – which won’t endear him to the supporters of David Icke.  He also has rather unpleasant views under a ‘Look, Im a reasonable guy’ sugar coating.


A meeting of the PDL on Monday night, gave us – on Tuesday – what is probably going to be the new PDL – ie – the electioneering xenophobic even more right wing PDL that will shortly change its name in the hope the voters memories really are as short as they seem to be.

THe new PDL/ALfano rants hysterically about how we will not be told what to do by Europe, specifically by Merkel, – we are the 3rd power in Europe and cannot be told what to do .. BY GERMANS.  And so on – so we are heading to a UKIP style IIP that will want out of Europe and be able to decide on its own when to declare bankruptcy.  Theres nothing like self determination.

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