Quel Surprise

The papers are talking about it, due to 150.000 likes on Facebook for a page which wants the Vatican to pay ICI.  Finally it seems that the Church may be constrained to act as a mere mortal with regard to taxes.  Mention it on telly and you get the biggest round of applause of the night.  Berlusconi has said nothing as yet on the subject.  He has however given his views on whether the government should sell the new digital TV frequencies at auction.  Under the Mr TOad’s administration the frequencies were to be given free in a beauty contest – carved up behind the scenes between Rai and Mediaset.  Now there is a hypothesis that they could raise billions for a hard pressed govt.  Mr Toad is adamant they are worth nothing – ‘the auction would be deserted’ he says.  Not a bad thing, it could lead to some public service broadcasting – a novelty here.   Berlusconis record on sayings and missayings doesnt make me believe him however, yesterday he announced that Italy is an indebted country but the Italians are well off.  In the circles he moves in this is undoubtedly true – he should get out more.

Author: rammers

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