The day of the desperate

bel_06_672-458_resize.jpgI know its been quiet, but with Berlo gone my inspiration dried up.  But today, with the announcement that Sarkozy is going to run for a second term, my bile rises anew.   Of course in the foreign press all the scandal surrounding San Remo isnt mentioned. For those of you with better things to do, San Remo is the hugely feted Festival of Italian song, now in its 63rd year.  The problem is, it’s crap.  Its like watching Eurovision but longer, and spread over 5 interminable nights.  The major problem is that its all all Italian schlock music – the worst sort – think Renee and Renato.  You only have to see that the ex prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia came second 2 years ago and think that it would be like Prince Edward winning a Grammy for rap, that you can get the drift of the true horror.   San Remo is televised by RAI, the so called state tv service – a true horror of public broadcasting, with bottomless budgets provided by yours truly.   To justify the millions that this telethon costs every year San Remo has special guests at some hideous expense.  This year we are to wet ourselves with the news that there are some unknown Eastern Europeans and Al Jarreau to warble.  Al Jarreau is fab, dont get me wrong, but he is now 89 years old and his voice just isnt what it was.   TO further justify the budget of Greece on this show, the scene designer puts in lots of staircases, preferably white and revolving.  This year seems no exception.  They are there for the (budget justifying) beautiful co presenters to walk down.  This year we have Elisabeth Canalis, (again) Belen Rodriguez (Again) and a Russian called Ivana who missed the first night cos she had a bad neck.  All three were present yesterday and Belen stole the show by coming down the stairs in a split frock that show her Brazilian off to a T and her butterfly tattoo – needless to say its created an outrage, lifted the ratings and again succeeded in putting this pap on the front pages.  Tonight, the third endless night, we can expect to see Belen and Ivana being a nude lesbian couple defecating on a photo of the Pope.  Worth the licence fee?

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