San Remo part the second

The big attraction this year is the presence of Celentano – an exactor/singer now ‘personality/genius’ whom the Italians adore.  He has a record to promote, (a record which were it not by Celentano wouldnt even make the playlist on a local radio station), and so he has agreed to show up at San Remo for the modest fee of 350.000 euros per show.  The riders on his contract state that he can say and do what he likes, for as long as he likes and there can be no ad break during his spot.  Not surprisingly RAI cut his promo in which he recommended everyone to change channels.  He appeared and did 50 minutes, uninterrupted lambasting the Church, the catholic press and all and sundry.  Great wailing and knashing of teeth and despite the 50% share, the head of RAI marched in and took control of the show – no further Celentano and the audience plunged.  Bishops demanded an apology, and the catholic press is outraged.  I dont quite see why – Celentano said that Avvenire – the main churchy newspaper – was hypocritical, as are alot of priests.  To rub salt into the wound, he said that they should stick to religion if they claim to be a religious newspaper, and not be political – but as the church denies it is the oldest surviving political party in Europe it got a bit hot under its starched white collar.   Im all for calling a spade a spade – and Celentano gets my vote, but 50 mins in the middle of a song contest seems a bit indulgent.

As way of light relief, the education minister has been forced to apologise after translating pecorino (a type of cheese) as ‘doggy style’ in a Tuscan promotion of local fare.  Great mirth all round, especially as ITaly doesnt have the equivalent of Welsh/sheep etc…

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