Judgement Day

Today is the day of reckoning for Mr B in the Mills case – the one where Mills has already been found guilty in the UK, and which is still creaking on here in Italy.  Berlusconi has been bleating his innocence over the last few days, claiming that the case should be by now in prescription (a useful law he passed 18 months ago, whereby a case that has been going on for 6 years becomes cancelled if there is no verdict).  Mr B says that prescription should be dated from the date of the ‘crime’, the prosecution say its from the date that the money was deposited in Mills account (ie proof). To the press, Mr B says that the prosecution have invented the idea that the prescription dates from when Mills went shopping and spent the money.  Oh Mr B, you are a monkey.

Then we have the claim that ‘I have never met Mills’ – by Silvio,  except that he is on record as already having said that they met.  And there is proof.

Then we have the usual banter – I have had 100 trials against me, I have spent 400 million euros defending myself – which if it were true means that his lawyer has been not telling the truth in his tax returns, and Berlusconi has been a bit profligate with his dosh.    Silvio would have us believe he is a man more sinned against that sinning – the unfortunate truth is that he has now told his version of events so often, that it is believed.

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