Hows this for democracy?

Let us not forget dear democratic brethren, that in 1993 Italy voted overwhelmingly in a referendum, to stop public financing of political parties.  THis was nearly 20 years ago, and governments of all shade and colors have ignored the binding result.  So much so, that Mr Lusi (a large bearded fleshy Michael WInner type) has now been arrested for nicking 13 million of the ‘Daisy’s’ money.   THe Daisy is a smallish political party of disaffected laborites and the odd left leaning liberal.  They have no power, no influence and no policies.  Their leader is Rutelli who is a vain career politician.  The Daisy has taken over 270 million euros of public money in the last 20 years because nobody votes for them.  THis is Italian democracy.   I hope we now have a referendum saying that the result of a referendum is legally binding and must be acted upon within the term of a single parliament.  Except that it already is…..

Author: rammers

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